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miniature GIANTS
WELCOME to our music page!
We can adapt our set to suit different venues. I
play lighter sets (solo or with the band) for more
relaxed settings, and we all crank it up for rock
venues. We play all original songs.
miniature Giants Lynchburg VA music
live at Speakertree Records
Lynchburg, Va.
photo by PJ Sykes
some of the lighter stuff:
these songs
recorded by
Brian Wynn
some of the rock stuff:
jed mickle- guitar and vocals
tommy rogers- drums
jim blunk- bass
pam rogers- backing vocals, keys
thomas dean- helped me start this thing
jed@jedmickle.com/ (434)846-1393
Jed Mickle and Tommy Rogers play a lighter set at the Muse Coffee Co. in
Wyndhurst, VA
filmed by Bruce Turner
miniature Giants live at the Hive in Lynchburg, VA
filmed by Ben Fowler